International Best-Selling Author Cherise Castle-Blugh

Cherise Castle-Blugh is the founder and CEO of The Timely Entrepreneur TM, an entrepreneurial development, self-guided organization that creates the resources and puts forward the necessary "soft - skills" to allow entrepreneurs to succeed in all areas of their startups. 

Cherise Castle-Blugh is the Author of THE TIMELY ENTREPRENEUR & Best Selling Author of the book "Startup Legalities" - Book 3 in The Timely Entrepreneur's Grow Your Business In A Snap! Series. To date, she has had 5 Best Sellers on Amazon’s Charts. She is a key Educator in the field of Business and Entrepreneurship. 

Cherise’s books are written to inspire individuals to become independent and successful business men and women. 

Her concepts are always put forward in an easy-to-read format, simple enough so that the common man can understand and apply almost immediately. 

Cherise’s success perspective is simple- it depends on you and how bad enough you want to succeed. If you are determined to help others, increase your income and have more time and freedom, build your own business!

Cherise has dedicated 25+ years to helping businesses achieve and protect their success, specializing in leading new businesses in transition or startup phases and helping them create sustainable, functional, operational, and financial growth. She also writes to assist entrepreneurs and authors on the platforms of Desi Entrepreneurs and Voxlit, as well as on her own platform, You can find her on LinkedIn or Twitter.



So you don’t like where you are now in your life. But here’s what - your position is not permanent and can only change by doing what others fail to do. Opportunity comes to those who search and hunger for it. Opportunity comes to those who are observant. 

That job that you have been doing, day in, day out, what have you achieved from it? You choose to stay there and be exploited. You think it will get better there. But really??? We’re in a digital era now, and your job can be made redundant at any time. Yes, be thankful for ‘bread and butter’ as they say, but just in case you didn’t know, your boss is using YOUR IDEAS and YOUR TIME to build HIS OWN LEGACY. 

That business that you’ve been doing, how much profit have you made from it that you can boast of, that will change the life of your next generation to come.

You don’t even have time for your family, friends. Hmmm, even church activities suffers because YOUR TIME has been bought from you and what you focus on is how can you get that monthly salary. Will the profits you earned even be enough to set them up in this rapidly changing economy?

A whole year has almost ended, and you’re still depending only on salary. Can you name anyone who became RICH by salary only. 

Want a truth that’s hard to absorb? There is no EMPLOYER who will allow his employee to outgrow him; they’d much rather serve up a retrenchment letter. 

I am not saying you shouldn’t work, but work SMART.

If you are waiting for the best time to start, well here’s another truth: that time will never come. The best time is NOW.

Yes, I’m saying this. I listen and absorb every word from where I am and I analyze their actions and behaviours. So my dear employees, know your worth. 

Author Cherise Castle-Blugh

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