Monitor the progress of your business.


Good Businesses have Good accounting practices.

In the BUSINESS RECORD-KEEPING JOURNAL, I have simplified the Accounting process!

Being organized will help make your life easier.

Record-Keeping is essential for all businesses. 

Every business must keep records for as long as required by the law. The minimum period for which you must keep records for most businesses is six years for VAT or five years from the latest date for filing your tax return.

This journal is an ideal cash-flow journal for solopreneurs and small business owners! 

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 Startups can find success in saturated markets if they are able to identify the weaknesses of the existing businesses and are capable of delivering better service.

 A saturated market does not mean that a lack of opportunities exist for new businesses to thrive. It simply requires additional effort and great insight to find success.

 Keep in mind, that potential customers are probably buying what’s out there, simply because they haven’t found a better alternative.

 No matter how crowded your industry is, you can achieve success by setting yourself apart.


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Work out your product costs as you create them!

You want to have access to templates and tools that help you get started in your business right away, remove any confusion, achieve what you want faster, and live in abundance.

The Crafter’s Series will provide you with the templates and tools that you can use and support you fully from where you are, to where you want to be!

Introducing a new series- The Crafter’s Series!
(A Product of The Timely Entrepreneur)

BOOK 1 in The Crafter’s Series First Prints are now available!***

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Book 1: Project Value Based Pricing

Work out pricing of your products easily with this structured costing journal


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“It Matters Most When I Write It”, will inspire and empower people the world over to live their best life everyday. DREAM. DO. BELIEVE. GROW. LIVE. ENJOY.

Do you want to learn exactly how to seek out your heart’s desires, take practical action towards your dreams and live your best life yet? “It Matters Most When I Write It” will allow you to gain clarity for meaningful forward movement and engage the power of YOU.



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This book is the third in the Grow Your Business in a Snap! series.

Startup companies have to act decisively, efficiently and quickly and it becomes difficult to be all three things when faced with the growing workload of a new business venture.

To ensure that you start your business by being legally compliant, this book aims to provide you with the top legal issues to consider when you start a business. 


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“For The Love of Me” will help you to discover YOU and fall in love with who you are. As you reflect and journal, your whole life will change as you begin to understand that YOU are enough.

Be prepared and be open for this change. As you begin to grow and change, the lives of people around you may also change. 



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The aim of this book is to provide you with information on different types of intellectual Property, including Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Trade Secrets, and to act as a guide if you are seeking a Trademark, a Copyright or thinking of patenting an idea or invention.


Here are four solid reasons to learn more about IP:

1.Part of the value of your business / startup is IP, so you need to know what it is in relation to what your business is.

2.You may lose IP if you do not understand you have it.

3. You may be infringing on another business’s IP and not know it.

4. IP is your business. A Guide To Intellectual Property will be the only text you need as you seek to understand Intellectual Property as it relates to your business.

Get links to direct IP Offices and information that covers not just the United States, but Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Get answers to your questions about using General Copyright Method, copyright as it pertains to using recipes, quotes from celebrities, Bible quotes and scriptures and much more.

What would you do if someone was infringing upon your Copyright?

Be knowledgeable about the legalities involved with Intellectual Property.

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Everyday we struggle a bit, with one thing or another. Yet, I’m always amazed by those who can do this life without God and without prayer. Prayer is a conversation with God, and it does not have to be long to be heard by Him. Whatever is in our hearts, He wants us to come to Him and share with Him.

Your prayer life is a reflection of your relationship with God. ‘LORD, HEAR MY PRAYER’, is a powerful faith based, guided prayer journal, filled with prayers of comfort, courage, faith and hope. It is for those of us who are weary and yet desires to develop a more intimate relationship with our loving creator in the midst of our brokenness - A collection of prayers that may be used for public or your own private devotions. Our tired and broken souls can only be restored by Him, and we can only find rest in Him who is the way, the truth, and the life.

This journal aims to help you build a stronger relationship with your loving Father. Learn to call on your Heavenly Father in your deepest, darkest moments when it seems so difficult to do. When you can’t find the words in the moments you feel disheartened, search the journal for the prayer that matches your heart at that moment, and trust that God will not desert you. Rather,He is still at work in you.

Trust, and believe, and you will be okay.

God loves you.

Go to your Father in prayer, he’s waiting patiently.

Matthew 17:20 English Standard Version- “For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you”


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